Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mission Statements

Mission statements, as we have come to know them, have become, in many cases as boring and lackluster as the back of the new pennies (bring back the Lincoln Memorial!)  We were provoked (thoughtfully) by Dan Pallotta’s iconoclastic and dead-on comments about mission statements. For example,
“Don't put mission statements first. Get on a mission, and the other things will follow. Including the mission statement.”…
“Don't waste your advertising space on your mission statement. Use the space to tell people what you've accomplished, or what amazing thing your product will do — use it to show them what mission you're actually on."

According to Pallotta, mission statements must be about passion and soul.

What’s your take on mission statements? Got any good stories or examples?

His idea of a good mission statement?

You’ll find it here:

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