Monday, January 31, 2011

"Ignorarrogance" in your organization?

An executive recruiter friend coined this expression, "ignorarrogance." Many organizations in the last 10 years have sponsored razor-sharp customer service initiatives. As time has passed, and some would say distracted by the stalled economy, customer service has again drifted into the background. Returned calls or e-mails? Forget it. Eye contact and genuine interest from a service provider? Kaput. We might ask whether leaders have colluded with this drift to "ignorarrogance" --ignoring customers with a dash of arrogance. We could easily make a case that this is what Mr. Mubarak has allowed to happen with his constituents in Egypt--a leader who became only too comfortable, far too removed from his base, and way too arrogant. What is the "ignorarrogance" level in your organization?

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  1. What an excellent way to frame a comparison: the link to Mubarek is a point well-taken. We all fall in to a comfort zone way too often.

    Great blog, and thoughtful way to start a discussion.